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1- Architecture definition and conceptualization
Before programming it is necessary to think, so by bringing together your ideas and our knowledge, we generated the first sketches and detailed the lines of work to generate the design of the project, as well as agreeing with you which may be the technologies to be used that are best suited to that application.
2- Design and layout
After handcrafting the mockups, it is now time to turn them into design, following all the definitions made previously, using technologies such as Sass or Webpack to make responsive DTP as light as possible, improving your efficiency when visiting the web.
3- Development
In this phase we begin the magic of converting the project requirements, together with the layout of the web application you want.
At this stage, we'll put a "beta" at your disposal, so you can see how it's all coming together.
4- Cloud deployment
Do you need a cloud infrastructure? Web applications deployed on Google Cloud are flexible, fast and above all, scalable.
More and more companies are choosing to deploy on a cloud infrastructure. What? Because of its reliability, security, flexibility, scalability and cost.
5- production release
After your validation of the site, we will take care of the publication of the new development, so that everything continues to work as you have seen it, configuring our web server to make everything perfect.

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is selling cialis illegal

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